ENT Diagnostic Imaging Using Cone Beam CT is Very Popular Nowadays

cone beam ctDiagnostic imaging of the ear, nose and throat called ENT is hot topic nowadays in the dentist professional are. It has traditionally been carried out with medical CT, MRI and standard radiography. In these days there is a transition towards using more cone-beam computed tomography or cone beam ct(CBCT) for certain diagnostic tasks in these areas. If you have not already know that CBCT enables various diseases of the ear, nose and throat to be imaged using an accurate to the earlier conventional use of CBCT in dentomaxillofacial radiology, the technique is being increasingly used in the diagnosis of diseases of the sinonasal area, for maxillofacial trauma and temporal bone diseases. Continue reading


Head and Neck Imaging with Scanora 3D

cone beam 3DI work in the Tampere University Hospital as dental assistant and we have this new cone beam computed tomography system which is in clinical validation use. Soredex is the imaging system provider from Finland which has introduced a new in-office large field-of-view Cone Beam 3D CT system Scanora 3D for head and neck imaging till many hospital like ours as well. I will tell some experience in using the system in various indications here. Continue reading

Alarms fatigue a places hazard to patient security

healthcare technologyAlarms fatigue is ranked as a top ten technology hazard in healthcare in USA in the year 2011. Alarms fatigue means that the response to patient related alarms is really slow or it doesn’t happen at all. For patient safety it is essential, that the level of the background noise doesn’t exceed a level in which the nurses won’t be able to react if for example the patient pushes the alarm button or some other device is giving an alarm sound. However, many nurses and other hospital workers describe their working environments being quite noisy and loud.

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Alarms system needed

wrist alarm buttonMy mother is very old, and I’m living with her and taking care of her. We live in a two story house; I live upstairs while she lives downstairs as her moving is too difficult for the stairs anymore.  I do her daily house work, help her go to shower and toilet and do most of the cooking. We have also care taker who comes trice a week the help with cleaning and laundries and takes my mother out for a stroll. Continue reading

Why your poop does not leave regularly?

images (20)Irregular bowel movement is common and everyone experience it in their lifetime at least one time. This may soundfunny but impacts the quality of life of the person. Obesity can be one of the reasons among several reasonsresponsible for this inconvenience and troublesome bowel movement. Have you ever thought the reason behind thepoops irregular movement? Let us discuss here what exactly happens to the poop and why it is so stubborn toleave? Continue reading