Girard Perregaux watches- A class apart

Girard Perregaux watchesIn a layman’s view, a watch is a timepiece, which is traditionally worn on the wrist or hung from a pocket for the sole purpose of tracking time. But a genuine watch devotee would know that owning a premium watch means much more. Swiss made watches command a certain degree of respect, finesse and class. Girard Perregaux watches, a leading Swiss brand, reflects such refinement. Girard Perregaux watches have behind them a rich heritage and a history of excellent watchmakers. The legend of this brand goes back as far as 1791. It is placed in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

This luxury brand has many achievements to its credit. It is among the very few to be accredited with the tag of ‘Haute Horlogerie’. The leading light behind the genius of Girard Perregaux watches was Jean-Francois Bautte. He reigned supreme in an art called ‘watches of shape’. His immaculate craftsmanship could be seen in watches disguised in the form of miniature flowers, butterflies, or even musical instruments. The legacy of Girard Perregaux watches is marked by the invention of a landmark creation- the Tourbillon Pocket Watch with Three Gold Bridges.

The following timeline will illustrate some of the groundbreaking moments in the history of Girard Perregaux watches:

  • 1965: Girard Perregaux devises the first mechanical movement, which beats 36,000 vibrations per hour.
  • 1967: Girard Perregaux was conferred with the Centenary Award by the Astronomical Observatory Neuchatel as a certification of all the general accomplishments of the brand.
  • 1970: Girard Perregaux gave the world its first wristwatch provisioned with a quartz movement. The concept was the brainchild of many nationalities like Swiss, Japanese and American, was not accepted by the Swiss manufacturers as it was deprived of meticulous craftsmanship of Swiss horological industry.

The most noteworthy pieces that form the highlight of Girard Perregaux’s glorious history include- Theatre Spectacles, Small Book (a pendant watch in the shape of a book), Double Face (a two-sided pink gold hunter pocket watch consists of dials with hours, minutes and seconds on one and days, months and lunations on the other) and Vintage 1945 (a rectangular wristwatch with manual winding).

To sum it up, Girard Perregaux is among the most prestigious Swiss watch manufacturers that devises, designs and produces both the external as well the internal (the movements) components of a watch. The brand’s dedicated and impeccable artistry enable it to offer a comprehensive selection of top-flight movements (more than 100 variants) and mechanical watch collections.

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