Alarms fatigue a places hazard to patient security

healthcare technologyAlarms fatigue is ranked as a top ten technology hazard in healthcare in USA in the year 2011. Alarms fatigue means that the response to patient related alarms is really slow or it doesn’t happen at all. For patient safety it is essential, that the level of the background noise doesn’t exceed a level in which the nurses won’t be able to react if for example the patient pushes the alarm button or some other device is giving an alarm sound. However, many nurses and other hospital workers describe their working environments being quite noisy and loud.

Usually alarm fatigue happens when too many alarm sounds occur at same time and the resources to respond to every alarm are scarce. As a response to too loud background noise many doctors and nurses alike turn alarm sounds down to be able to concentrate into interaction with the patients, which creates added danger of neglecting those alarms which demand immediate attention of medical personnel.

Solving the problem of alarm fatigue involves examining the working environments of the hospital personnel, the workflows of the different kind of functions and operations and the equipment used in the patient treatment. To further reduce for example the amount of false alarms which contribute to the creation of alarms fatigue requires collaboration between the hospital personnel, doctors, nurses and producers and developers of the hospital equipment.

By categorizing different kind of alarms types and identifying these in the working process helps to reduce the alarm fatigue and this way better the patient safety. False alarms, non-actionable alarms, false in healthcare technology and actionable alarms all employ the healthcare personnel, even if it wouldn’t be required. The aim is that only the non-actionable and actionable alarms would need any reaction from the hospital workers and that the working time would be in this way freed for more immediate tasks.

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