Alarms fatigue a places hazard to patient security

healthcare technologyAlarms fatigue is ranked as a top ten technology hazard in healthcare in USA in the year 2011. Alarms fatigue means that the response to patient related alarms is really slow or it doesn’t happen at all. For patient safety it is essential, that the level of the background noise doesn’t exceed a level in which the nurses won’t be able to react if for example the patient pushes the alarm button or some other device is giving an alarm sound. However, many nurses and other hospital workers describe their working environments being quite noisy and loud.

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Emergence of Custom Roll Forming Method

urlDo you know what roll forming is? This custom roll forming is a novel and new procedure for producing a good amount of tolerant metallic products. This is quite similar to the previous (old) plastic sheet roll forming method done for various shapes and profiles. Basically, this kind of method is done for common aluminum and steel sheets that is converted to profiles of various kinds of sizes and shapes. Not many know that a high amount of productivity is ensured since there is minimum steps involved in the roll forming process and the production time is very much less and the operation is not required at all. One thing that most people need to realize is that no amount of the production process is devoid from secondary operations which play a major role in producing the final product. The same can be said about roll form processing. Continue reading