Alarms system needed

wrist alarm buttonMy mother is very old, and I’m living with her and taking care of her. We live in a two story house; I live upstairs while she lives downstairs as her moving is too difficult for the stairs anymore.  I do her daily house work, help her go to shower and toilet and do most of the cooking. We have also care taker who comes trice a week the help with cleaning and laundries and takes my mother out for a stroll.

Now we have problem we need to solve and the solution is a good alarm system. As she lives downstairs and we are not together all the time, she spends time alone as well quite a lot. Her moving is very uneasy but she can still do thing while alone, such as making a cup of tea or fetching things from the other room when she needs.

There is a risk however, that she will have a fall or some other accident happens while she moves around the house. So she would need kind of a wrist alarm button which would send me an alarm if something happens to her while I am away or don’t hear her for some other reason. I´ve thought about a baby monitor for example, since that reacts to voice, but the reach is very limited in those apparatuses and don’t suit for our purposes. I wonder if there is a kind of alarm button solution, which would send the alarm to for example a mobile. That would be perfect, since that would reach me where ever I am. The alarm button should be some kind of gadget which is easily carried, not anything tied around ones neck since that is even dangerous for a person with disability to move properly.

I hope we find soon the suitable application, since now the situation is in that sense unbearable, that I have to be around almost all the time, or to worry all the time about my mother while being away.

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