Cloud – The right solution to get unwired

Imprimante hp | Toner imprimante hp

We have mid-2012 and I slowly feel like I need less disk space than “sooner”. This affects not only my stationary computer, my laptop – no, my phone is concerned. While I did everything two or three times on my machine had, you never knew whether or not you need access to some data on the road, so now everything is different.

I think it started back then really with Microsoft to offer their SkyDrive. Finally a provider store offered a large amount of free and above all a functional web interface. Access was possible via browser. A pure browser access handed many people, however, because in 2007 and 2008 the real awakening began in mobile worlds.

What was in 2007 and 2008? 2007, the iPhone was unveiled before a year later, Android came into the world. That changed everything in terms of communications and data availability. No wonder that have already arrived shortly thereafter many vendors who advertised with the “best cloud offering.” One saw many come, but many go. Really consistent over the years, we actually only saw Microsoft’s SkyDrive, SugarSync, Box and Dropbox competitor, currently for me still the best provider of storage space in the cloud.

Recently then made even Google to conquer with your own Google Drive the Cloud. Thus the mobile users are spoiled for choice. What can you do? How much data will you record? I want my data with others? A decision is certainly difficult, because the respective bids to bring both free, and in the paid area with different functionalities. So I cannot provide a general recommendation or help you with your decision.

For me personally, is important: space availability on all platforms and ease of use of my smartphone. My favorite so far? Dropbox followed by Google Drive and SkyDrive. All vendors that provide underground storage for free and make the best impression on me. Why do I think that cloud storage is always useful and important? Look at it again, with a really narrow connection to my wireless network I need perhaps not with the cloud, or start large files.

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