Why your poop does not leave regularly?

images (20)Irregular bowel movement is common and everyone experience it in their lifetime at least one time. This may soundfunny but impacts the quality of life of the person. Obesity can be one of the reasons among several reasonsresponsible for this inconvenience and troublesome bowel movement. Have you ever thought the reason behind thepoops irregular movement? Let us discuss here what exactly happens to the poop and why it is so stubborn toleave?

The undigested food material has to leave the body in a timely fashion or else it becomes the den of harmfulorganisms such as Candida, bacteria and many more making the gut worst leading to several digestive disorderssuch as leaky gut syndrome. The consequences of irregular bowel movements include headache, feeling grumpy,eczema, acne and so on. It is very essential to look for constipation remedies that can show a way to the poopaccumulating the gut leading to health problems. Constipation remedies that can address the primary cause ofirregular bowel movement are to be focused.

There is no doubt in listing the diet you take as the primary cause of constipation and other gut disorders such asleaky syndrome which is nothing but damage to the epithelial layer providing space for number of infectionsassociated with gut. Apart from this the modern day working conditions included with lots of stress and tension,food allergies, refined sugar, dehydration, eating fast foods and unprocessed food substances, excess use oflaxatives, no physical exercises and enough movement in daily activities are some of the causes of stubborn poopmovement and fail to exit in timely fashion. The modern day allopathic medications associated with number of sideeffects, changes in your regular activities such as travelling, due to busy at work or some other things you postponethe journey of poop, conditions such as hypothyroidism, pregnancy in women are also important causes of irregular bowel movement.

Now, it is very clear that most of the causes can be avoided and prevented easily looking after some naturalconstipation remedies. There won’t be space for leaky gut syndrome or for stubborn activity of your poop to stayback in the gut. So take a healthy diet of fibre rich food nutrients, practice yoga, spend time for physical exercises,stay relaxed and never do things in a hurry and last but not least never postpone your poop and better give it a wayto go at its best time and make it a regular habit.


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