Effect of on line media on Cooking


It was an unforgettable event for those enthusiastic foodie who attended the Julia Child’s last tribute. Organized by the prestigious Boston’s culinary historians at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, it really made the Sunday afternoon worthwhile. A lot of eminent individuals like the suppliers of the cookery materials of her show, the show producer, high star Boston chefs, and other representative of best restaurants in fort lauderdale, etc were there.

Unwanted Fuss

Well, the event was indeed a low key affair, but Julia was like a temperament filled child who refused to come. She felt that it was kind of embarrassment to sit there and hear these people talk high about her. They would praise about her culinary skill, how much pains and glories she had endue in her life, etc. That was something that she really wanted to avoid. So in the end she boycotted the media glare filled with microphone and podium. However after a lot of hussles and begging from the representatives of top restaurants in fort lauderdale and other glorious individual of the food industry, she showed up and mingled with all the media individuals at the tea reception.

Julia Child

Unlike the current era, the era where Julia started her cookery skills was really a mesmerizing one. No one needed to endorse his or her cooking. The media themselves would come to these cooks and publicize about their dishes. Today it is a wholly different business where a each chef has to write blogs and post his culinary skills on on line websites and video sites to get the media’s attention. No wonder Julia was a pioneer in her field. She had no monetary interest or the necessity to build an empire staging over thousands of chains of restaurant. As per the various best restaurants in fort lauderdale’ s representatives, it was truly a great character of Julia who stood by her staunch ideology of not endorsing any products or selling a brand.

Well most of the chefs and restaurants used the knives to stab at the backs of other chefs and restaurant owner, but for Julia it was strictly a kitchen appliance. She always felt and used the knives for her kitchen work and also on the educational. She always felt that cooking has somewhat become a blood sport just like the Roman gladiator flight. Each person will fight with one another in order to show their dominance. And this kind of warfare has really hit in the way people work. The method of cooking food has improved but the quality and taste has somewhat decreased. Shocking it is the effect of the media that has deteriorate the way people cook cuisine.

Maybe this is the main reason why most of the top restaurants in fort lauderdale feel that the current decline in the availability of mouth smacking and delicious food has been due to the crazy influence of on line media. It has truly taken the food industry to a deteriorating level.


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