Leaky gut and constipation


It is definitely not a good feeling when one has to rush to washrooms due to repeated nature’s calls or have a burning sensation inside ones stomach. Well Leaky gut and constipation are two terms that go hand in hand, contribute to such disturbing situations, and affect the normal bowel movement in an individual.Leaky gut syndromeis a proposed condition of a damaged bowel lining and it occurs when the digestive tract becomes dysfunctional. A major part of human digestion includes absorption and assimilation of food and nutrients. However, people who have leaky gut syndrome suffer from poor nutrient absorption.

A leaky gut is caused by hyper-permeability of gut wall that results from toxins, poor diet and parasites. The leaky gut is weaker than a properly functioning intestinal tract and hence allows leakage of substances like toxins, microbes, undigested food and wastes through gut wall. Hence, a person suffering from leaky gut syndromeneeds to follow a proper balanced diet in order to cure the digestive tract and avoid other problems arising out of it.

One of the most prominent symptoms of leaky gut syndromeis constipation. Normal constipation is not a big deal for people. The situation worsens drastically when the constipation is due to a leaky gut. This situation is referred to as chronic constipation. Constipation is often caused due to poor diet, toxins, excessive spicy food and so on. Constipation results in irritation apart from health degradation. The natural constipation remedies include having a balanced diet. Fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain are must. In cases where constipation is caused due to parasites and infections, having pro-biotic is necessary.

The best thing to be done in case of constipation and leaky gut is to follow constipation remedies. The idea should be to get monitored and to check whether undigested food and toxins are getting mixed and deposited with blood stream or not. Chronic constipation driven by a leaky gut is a matter of concern and people are advised not to take it casually as treating leaky gut is a tricky process. Balanced diet and effective constipation remedies should hence make life simpler for the affected.


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