Managing complicated gynecological issues


The risk of developing the cancers of the uterus, vagina or the breasts is higher during pregnancy and you would therefore need to first get yourself diagnosed for cancer as a precautionary measure.

One of the most complex gynecological problems from among others requiring intensive treatment including ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and vaginal cancer is breast cancer. The treatment options for the cancer of the breast that could be used to treat the other types of cancer are many and you would need to select them according to the size of the tumor, the status of the node of your tumor, your pregnancy-term and your histological sub-type.

Lumpectomy – Through this NYC breast cancer treatment, only the lump or the tumor is removed along with some healthy tissue surrounding the breast to prevent the cancer from spreading to the entire breast.

Mastectomy – The entire breast tissue is removed through this breast cancer NYC procedure, only leaving the skin around the breast as it is and may require a reconstruction of the entire breast with the help of surgery to nip the cancer in the bud before it could spread to the other parts of the body.

Sentinel node biopsy – The lymph nodes are the parts of the breast, from where the cancer could spread easily to the other parts of the body and could require a sentinel-node biopsy breast cancer NYC procedure to be performed on one or both the lymph-nodes.

Auxiliary lymph node dissection – At times, it becomes imperative to remove the lymph-nodes located in the armpits too, if the cancer is found in the sentinel node.

Radiation therapy – Powerful radiation-beams including X-rays are used to destroy the cancer-cells in the lymph-nodes, if present, without having to perform any invasive surgical procedures.

Chemotherapy – When there is little hope of the cancer getting completely cured or if the cancer has already spread to the other parts of the body, then using drugs to cure cancer is the only remedy left.

Hormone therapy – In case your cancer is highly sensitive to your hormones, then it could be treated by blocking your hormones.
Detecting the cancer at the early stages can increase your chances of curing it faster. Dr. Elizabeth Poynor’s clinic is the place that provides you the best NYC breast cancer treatment that could help you survive any type of cancer.


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