Why your poop does not leave regularly?

images (20)Irregular bowel movement is common and everyone experience it in their lifetime at least one time. This may soundfunny but impacts the quality of life of the person. Obesity can be one of the reasons among several reasonsresponsible for this inconvenience and troublesome bowel movement. Have you ever thought the reason behind thepoops irregular movement? Let us discuss here what exactly happens to the poop and why it is so stubborn toleave? Continue reading

New angle in breast cancer treatment


Nowadays medical science is pretty much concerned about the Gynaecological problems. Women are most likely to be fond with several Gynaecological problems like late period, Menopausal symptoms, Polycystic Ovary, Uterus abnormalities, Breast cancer and many more. With the improvement of medical sciences the way of treating these problems has also improved claimed by the scientists and doctors these days. Continue reading